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Parental Involvement is Key to Reach Your Goals

Updated: Mar 22

There are a multitude of factors in achieving school greatness: measuring continuous improvement, ensuring high levels of attendance, and building an active and engaged community are just a few. How to attain these markers of school-wide success? Get all Stakeholders informed and involved in what is going on with Student performance. And who has a bigger interest in Student performance and well-being than Parents? 

You need the right tools and resources to offer Parents the positive and productive involvement that will make the difference.


Involving parents in a positive way is more important now than ever, and BlenderLearn can help. BlenderLearn brings to life the vision of a well-rounded, cooperating educational ecosystem —one that includes Parents. Here's how:

  • Whole Child Focus. The power of Whole Child Data is to tailor teaching and learning experiences to the unique needs of each student. Commitment to Personalized Learning extends to Student Agency, empowering Students to actively shape their learning journeys. 

  • Accessible Content. BlenderLearn actively involves Parents in their child's educational resources. Through the Content (CMS) and Learning Management (LMS) Systems, you decide what to share with Parents to keep them current, and you can offer an array of extracurricular Parent activities aligned with the child's academic progress. 


  • Communities. Collaborative tools increase the connection between Parents and the School. In a virtual Community, Parents, Educators, and Students come together, sharing insights, inquiries, and experiences. This enriches and promotes a sense of collective commitment to student success. 


  • Notices and Alerts. In a complex School environment, there is always information to be shared. BlenderLearn has a comprehensive Notification Center that allows you to distribute information at the Individual, Class, School, and District levels — about anything and everything and in real-time.


  • Reporting. BlenderLearn's reporting tools allow for access to detailed and user-friendly reports on progress, and parents gain actionable insights into a child's academic journey. 


BlenderLearn offers tools to bring parents onboard for the creation of a solid school community, one that fosters student success. Learn more by scheduling a free demo today!

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