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The Product You Want Isn’t Missing—You Just Hadn’t Found Us Yet

In a recent survey, EdWeek asked nearly 1,000 educators to answer this question: Whatis one product or service that they thought could produce better results in districts/schools that are not currently on the market? Their answers were strikingly similar.

The bottom line? Educators want tools that “streamline their workload, not make things more chaotic.” They also want social-emotional learning tools, ways to easily manage multiple data streams, mental health check-ins, means to impose tech limits for students, increased parent engagement, personalized learning, and access to top-level reading content.

Guess what? BlenderLearn has it all.

Educators using BlenderLearn in Palm Beach County, Florida, report increased efficiency, saving up to 8 hours a week in their planning, thanks to the rich content resources available to them through BlenderLearn’s Content Management System . In addition, BlenderLearn houses the latest social-emotional learning tools, a mental health app designed to keep tabs on student’s well-being, individual learner profiles to monitor and limit student tech use, collaborative tools to make sharing best practices and engaging parents easier, and much more.

Educators are looking for a cohesive, easily integrated system to make teaching and learning simpler. BlenderLearn is that system.

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