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Want to Put an End to Bullying? Here's How.

Updated: Apr 10

Bullying is a major issue in schools across the US. Just last month, a student took their life after a fight in a school bathroom [1]. When polled, over 40 percent of students admitted they don’t always report a bullying incident to an adult at school [2]. This has to change. Underreported bullying negatively affects an entire school. It is tied to such challenges as chronic absenteeism and low academic performance and creates an atmosphere of mistrust and isolation.


Bullied students experience many emotional, physical, and behavioral problems. They can feel angry, anxious, lonely, and helpless, and are frequently scared to go to school, leading them to suffer academically and struggle with feelings of worthlessness. They are also at greater risk of engaging in violence or committing suicide [3].


How can you deal with this problem head-on? With BlenderLearn’s Individual Learner Profile. BlenderLearn’s Individual Learner Profile creates a continually updating picture of each student. The Profile is accessed through a Dashboard, and is populated by current Student and District Goals, appropriate data and information about the student, including information gathered in surveys, counselor observations, test results, and more. This gives you a "360-degree" view of the student, and a safe place for students to contact teachers, make reports on behavior such as bullying, and lets administrators know if something is going on without having to report it face-to-face.


We have also added new SEL and mental health screening and assessment tools to BlenderLearn to mitigate bullying and its effects.  With limited counseling resources, BlenderLearn’s new Mental Health Assessment App identifies students who most need SEL and Counseling services.


The CDC recommends that to prevent bullying, students need to be connected to caring adults and activities, part of a protective community environment, and connected to interventions that are timely to prevent future risks [4]. BlenderLearn does all of this and more.

Let BlenderLearn help you stop bullying in its tracks.


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