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What We Do

Blender is a comprehensive suite of

software applications for all of your improvement needs.

Whether the objective is teaching the whole child in education, prevention and wellness in healthcare, or a more enjoyable vacation in travel, we empower our customers to achieve continuous improvement with our unique and innovative technology and renowned customer support. Blender was founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has staff and partners across the United States.

Our Roots

Thirteen years ago our founder Neil Sterling had an epiphany.

While providing sales and marketing consulting to a technology client he realized most software systems were overly complicated, disconnected, and difficult to use. That's when he founded SRG Technology, a software development company, responsible for the creation of Blender solutions. Blender is an easy to use software solution designed to help achieve any goal. With Blender, one platform does it all. 


Neil grew up in a family of immigrant retailers devoted to serving their customers and the community that accepted them with a warm embrace. In the Sterling family, community service was a way of life. Later in his career, Neil served on the Broward County School Board, where he learned first hand about the importance of education. That is why SRG Technology is dedicated to putting its customers first and supporting continuous improvement through learning anywhere there are problems to solve or objectives to achieve.

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Our Commitment

We know that in our world small improvements can have 

a big impact.

As a company we commit to a high standard of excellence for all our customers, large or small. We believe that their effort to improve and achieve results is of paramount importance. So at SRG Technology our mission is to help our customers meet their biggest challenges by providing effective, quality technology at a fair price. 


SRG Technology takes data usage and online privacy very seriously. All personal information is securely locked in IBM’s Digital Vault and only used to meet a customer’s objectives. In fact, all our agreements with clients make it clear that their data is theirs. We have pledged to never sell, use, or disclose data and documents. 

Why We're Different

We believe in community.

We are committed to providing great service to every one of our partners and customers. Each project is uniquely configured to suit their needs, and we pride ourselves in delivering a final product they love. Ultimately, the best solution is about our customer's success.

We believe that the proven benefits of our products and services could help make lasting change in our world. If you, or an organization you know, is working on a valuable social project and could benefit from Blender technology but cannot afford it, please reach out to us. We may be able to assist you in your work. 

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Company Culture

We believe our employees should be empowered to

work creatively and collaboratively on the projects and topics they feel passionate about.

We believe the best solutions come from imaginative and original problem solving, and that status quo is never enough.

We believe in working closely with our customers to

develop unparalleled products.

We believe in supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in our business operations; diversity is our greatest asset and essential to achieving our best.

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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