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Stay in the
know wherever you go.

Our Smart Wallet is a complete mobile solution to
organize documents and credentials with personalized notifications & reminders. 

On the Phone

Our Smart Wallet does a lot more than carry your information.


BlenderPass can not only store your travel documents, including driver’s licenses, passports, visas, and vaccination cards but it is designed to alert you when the documents in your SMARTWallet need to be used or when they will expire.

BlenderPass is not just an organizational tool but an integrated personal assistant.


Now that's what we call smart. 

Today, documentation is digital. 


Documents in BlenderPass are authenticated and validated when added. Passes and credentials can be image displayed, sent via secure encryption, or converted into a wallet generated QR code.


This digital credentialing and document management solution can be configured for any person, organization, government, or business.

Business Meeting
Combination Lock

Built in Web 3.0, BlenderPass delivers the highest level of personal privacy and security. 

BlenderPass is the only digital wallet using encryption technologies to ensure your data and documents are yours.

Interested in more?


BlenderPass’ capabilities can be expanded with   



BlenderTravel is designed to use digital engagement, data collection, and personalization to enhance customer engagement, loyalty, and

sales with:

  • Personalized Dashboards

  • User Managed Profiles

  • Content Management

  • Learning Management

  • Professional Development

  • Communities & Collaboration

  • Digital Credentialing (BlenderPass)

  • Rewards and Incentives

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Your Smart Digital Credentialing
& Management Solution

Virtual Vault & Web 3.0

All documents and data are privately stored and entirely controlled and owned by the user

Health Documents

Digitize, validate, and safely carry all important medical information including vaccinations, testing, and more

Important Credentials

Manage all your personal, travel and work-related documents and credentials on the go

Safety & Security

Documents in your SMARTWallet are private and secure because they are stored in the wallet on your phone and not in the cloud

The Digital Wallet allows employees, visitors, residents, and customers to upload and update their health, travel, and entry information at anytime through their mobile devices.

Accessible to any size enterprise through a simple, cost-effective, configurable on boarding process.

With Role-Based Security, BlenderPass can be reconfigured to provide different levels of access while also maintaining direct communication across roles. This minimizes verifier access to identifiable data.

BlenderPass is fully downloadable to be used at any place and anytime. All your documents and IDs can be accessed online or offline. 

We are fully GDPR and HIPAA compliant, meaning we promise to keep all your personal data and health information private and secure.

The User Profile is an individual dashboard that centralizes all your information, including identification, visas and passes, entry requirements, QR Codes, communications, alerts, and more. The dashboard is backed by our strong data collection & analysis system, and provides real-time updates on organizational or government regulations.

BlenderPass can verify and validate travel documents and passes and can seamlessly integrate with external software systems for enhanced usability

BlenderPass incorporates IBM’s Digital Health Pass and Watson AI system to provide the best support, personalized recommendations, and detailed analytics.

With location services enabled, you can enforce geofencing capabilities as well as send out timed symptom surveys to track infections and recovery.

BlenderPass is fully customizable for the unique needs of different businesses and government rules and regulations.

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