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Our Technology is Making a Real Difference.

Henry County Schools,


Henry County Schools (HCS) saw its student body of over 42,000 individuals diversifying in a number of ways and understood the traditional “one-size-fits-all” method of teaching was no longer effective in reaching many types of learners. The District, ahead of their time, was ready to embrace a “Big Vision” change and adopt a new methodology in teaching and learning - one that was designed to focus on each student individually - and to empower students to be critical decision-makers in their own education.


HCS won a three-year Next Generation Learning Challenge grant funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in support of pursuing personalized learning strategies. SRG Technology was recruited to deploy the BlenderLearn technology platform and to build new tools to support this work. Through this partnership, the Blender Learner Profile was created.


With Learner Profiles, Students, Teachers, Administrators and Parents all gain insight into a student’s thinking, capture a 360° view of students, identify students’ learning styles and tailor instruction that resonates with each one on a personal level.

School District of Palm 
Beach County

PB districtlogo.png

In the Summer of 2015, the School District of Palm Beach County (SDPBC) wanted to extend and replace their existing lesson planning resource tool with a comprehensive, easy-to-use Content Management System. The District’s goal was to migrate its entire learning object repository of approximately 50,000 pieces of digital content - courses, units, lesson plans, and resources - to a modern, robust platform capable of providing teachers and administrators with enhanced functionality for a secure, single point of access to instructional resources. A partnership was formed to build a digital “One-Stop Shop” for lesson planning and content.


SRG Technology transitioned SDPBC and its more than 12,000 teachers and education professionals, to the BlenderLearn Content Management System (CMS), and efficiently kicked off the next generation of content management for personalized teaching and learning. SRGT was able to integrate all digital content and learning assets into the BlenderLearn application. In 2021, the Blender CMS hosts and manages all SDPBC textbook adoptions, provides teachers and students with personalized textbook access, and organizes over 200,000 District resources.

Our Customers Tell the Story.



Parentivity is a maternal and early childhood health and education solution, created as a visionary online interactive Virtual Home Visiting System for the Iowa Department of Health (IDPH). IDPH needed to expand home visitation services in a large rural state. IDPH partnered with Quality Assist, Inc. of Atlanta to provide content for the site, and with SRG Technology of Fort Lauderdale to develop a virtual platform and tools for the web service and online community. Parentivity serves as a “virtual mentor,” providing a rich library of resources, including access to experts and to parents with similar concerns. It offers user-friendly tools to help set personal goals, and provides personalized content, recommendations and actions plans. 

Parentivity includes: 

  • An early warning system

  • Vetted expert information 

  • Targeted resource allocation 

  • Personalized dashboards 

  • Interactive pulse checks, surveys, etc.

South Dakota Department
of Education 

South Dakota DOE_edited.png

The State DOE of South Dakota (SDDOE) has been an SRGT customer for 7 years, using a series of custom, one-off applications built with partner OtisEd. In partnership with Otis Educational Systems, these have included a Report Card and a Portal. At the end of 2019, they decided to upgrade to the full BlenderLearn application state-wide. The BlenderLearn portal serves as a jumping off point for access to a number of SDDOE applications, especially reporting applications. The work in SDDOE has involved significant integration with MicroStrategy.


As part of their upgrade, SDDOE asked us to design and build a first ever for them “one stop-shop” for all of their Special Education content (SPED), indicators, resources and SSRS reports. We proposed a Blender Community. SD has 151 districts and there will be 151 special ed directors using the SPED community. The community will consolidate all shared information and personalize District-eyes-only

ARVIND Customer Engagement

Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 2.54_edited.png

Arvind Customer Engagement is a transformational software system which combines BlenderTravel and IBM's Watson Virtual Assistant. Arvind enables highly personalized customer engagement, and services that reinvent global travel.


BlenderTravel is a personalized engagement platform that allows travel companies and destinations to more effectively serve their customers by building stronger relationships and igniting action to make travel easier and more enjoyable. It targets customers with the right recommendations at the right time, increasing revenue for the travel company and reducing the company's need to add resources towards customer service and trip management.


To reduce costs, the Watson Virtual Assistant communicates with customers and answers questions in real-time. It provides essential support services during times of disruption as well as on any normal day. 


When combined, BlenderTravel and the Watson Virtual Assistant provide timely, personalized information, recommendations, and services to increase the customer's ease of travel, provide improved packages and vacation suggestions, and reduce the possibility of disruption.


Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 2.57_edited.png

TopCare, powered by Blender, is a Population Health Management System jointly developed by Massachusetts General Hospital's Laboratory of Computer Science and SRG Technology. It is a highly secure software solution that revolutionizes the way healthcare communities use data to drive improved patient outcomes, quality caregiver performance, streamline work flows and real cost savings.


TopCare works by targeting quality metrics through disease-specific patient rosters, providing real-time analytics and reporting, identifying patients at high risk for readmission, recognizing gaps in preventative care and the need for follow-up care. It enables improved Care Team collaboration and patient care coordination. TopCare communicates with patients, Care Team, and all those involved through mobile applications and auto generated messages.


The use of TopCare at Mass General and the Brigham Women's Hospital has achieved remarkable results, measurably improving the care of many patients and slowing the progression of serious diseases.

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