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A personalized Wellness Management
for healthcare and insurance
companies looking to provide comprehensive & quality care

The best 
healthcare experience

Doctor's Desk

BlenderHealth is a comprehensive suite of software applications created by Healthcare professionals. 

BlenderHealth organizes records, provides personalized content, and facilitates seamless communication between patients and practices with the goal of improving wellness.

With BlenderHealth, practices can efficiently gather medical records and patient information to create a personalized prevention and wellness plan while also scheduling appointments, sending expert medical information, and meaningful updates to help patients stay healthy. The powerful BlenderHealth system, in conjunction with our proprietary AI technology, delivers highly personalized and targeted prevention and wellness content to the right person at the right time.


This system can automate responses on an individual level, sending early warnings, interactive information checks, expert resources, as well as provide direct communication between patient, practice, and healthcare professional. BlenderHealth also enables a community of family, friends, and care providers to join together to support their loved one’s wellness journey. Communities engage the power of caregiver collaboration and teach someone how to take better care of themselves. 

Blender Health
is an ideal fit for
Healthcare Providers

Provide better patient outcomes and improved experience by more accurately matching medical information and treatments with a patient's current health needs

Insurance Providers

Eliminate customer frustration by matching the right insurance information and services to your client’s needs to  drive improved customer satisfaction and reduced customer service costs.


Make it easier for consumers to find the right pharmaceutical information and products that match their health condition, improving customer satisfaction and increase product sales

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Patient Profile 

The Patient Profile is an individual dashboard that centralizes all of a user's information including personal preferences, demographics, notifications, assessments, communications and more. The dashboard is fueled by our strong data collection & analysis system to promote patient agency by creating support networks, goal mapping, and personalized analytics reporting

Patient Portal

Developed as a comprehensive gateway, the Patient Portal allows patients to enter your website to review their appointments, send messages, request and receive referrals, update medical information and history, and learn more about how to best care for their heath


Our integrated CMS utilizes meta tagging to easily organize all your content so you and your patients can quickly find what they need to improve their health

Video Calling

Built to improve communication, Blender seamlessly integrates with any online video conferencing platform to allow patients to remain in contact with their doctors from anywhere at anytime

Custom Design

The Blender interface can easily be redesigned for your practice to provide a familiar and welcoming environment for all your users

Health Communities

The Communities feature encourages collaboration between friends, families, and patients by keeping all parties well-informed on appointments, best practices, and providing targeted expert recommendations for their care


Our powerful learning management system enables you to easily deliver wellness information, efficiently engage your patients, and assess health outcomes in meaningful ways

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