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Our software solution designed to support digital engagement, data collection, and personalization in Travel and Tourism. 

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Travelers are tired of outdated and generalized sales tactics.

BlenderTravel is a marketing solution designed by the customer, for the customer. This reduces promotional and customer service costs, and increases revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Thoughtful personalization makes all the difference.

BlenderTravel enhances the overall Travel experience by connecting users with individually relevant information, products, and services. From detailed trip itineraries based on local weather reports, to live alerts regarding visa and entry requirements, BlenderTravel is the perfect companion to any great trip. 

Powered by IBM's transformative

AI technology.

BlenderTravel is an easy-to-use, self-service technology that automatically responds to a customer's changing needs, interests, and preferences. Unlike other personalization software, which relies solely on historical and transactional information to guess what a user wants, BlenderTravel uses real-time data and transactional data paired with IBM's AI & Analytics to provide the best reporting and personalization opportunities. 

Enjoy the ultimate travel experience 

with BlenderPass. 

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      BlenderPass is our digital credentialing and management solution, available as a part of BlenderTravel or as a standalone product. It combines IBM’s digital wallet, health pass, and blockchain technology with elements of our Blender framework to create an easy-to-use tool to store documents and help people navigate and comply with COVID and non-COVID related requirements. With BlenderPass users have complete control over their data, and can easily move about, go to work, and travel with confidence.

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Personal Dashboards

Travelers receive an individual dashboard that centralizes all their information, including personal preferences, identification, visas and passes, entry requirements, QR Codes, communications, alerts, and more. The dashboard is backed by our strong data collection & analysis system, providing real-time updates and personally relevant content.

Organizational users also receive a dashboard based on their role and responsibility, with access to the information required to service and support travelers.

Gamification & Loyalty

BlenderTravel utilizes rewards and incentives to keep customers interested, engaged, and rewarded. These features can also be integrated with an organizations existing loyalty program.


BlenderTravel uses advanced AI to match business information, products and services to customer interests and preferences, providing the right information to the right customer at the right time.

Traveler Profiles

BlenderTravel gives travelers access to their profile to manage and update their information, interests, and preferences.

This ensures that your communications, products, services, and marketing offers are targeted and relevant.

Travel Communities 

Companies and travelers are able to create their own groups to facilitate collaboration, share information and social media, join discussion groups, and more. Communities makes it easy to organize group trips, make an itinerary, share with others and learn the best tips and tricks along the way.

Role-Based Security

With Role-Based Security, BlenderTravel can be reconfigured to provide different levels of access while also maintaining direct communication across roles. This allows for consistent service and support for all users.

Seamless Integration

BlenderTravel seamlessly integrates with all your existing software systems, making it easy to review data, documents, users and more all in one place.


Our robust content management system allows travel organizations to create and manage application forms, information requests, surveys, documentation, guides, and other valuable materials

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