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Don't Lose Your Best Teachers!

Updated: 5 days ago

Teaching is a rewarding, demanding career, and without the right support, burnout is real. Retain your teachers with BlenderLearn. Here’s how:


BlenderLearn's Content Management System (CMS) saves your teachers’ valuable time. With robust tools and a user-friendly interface, BlenderLearn's CMS empowers teachers to efficiently create, organize, access, and assign instructional materials, allowing for more time devoted to teaching.


Since 2016, Blender’s CMS has been a mission-critical application in Palm Beach County Schools FL, where it stores and organizes the District’s curriculum and resources. Read what one Teacher and District Specialist has to say,


“Educators used to report spending twelve hours a week finding and curating instructional materials. Because of BlenderLearn and the resources found there, our Teachers in Palm Beach County spend less time searching for lesson plans, materials, and resources, and spend more time meeting the individual needs of their students.”


Here are just some of the ways BlenderLearn's CMS is effective:


Content Organization — Powerful: Teachers categorize, search and locate their content, eliminating time-consuming multiple folders and randomly-stored documents. On average, teachers using BlenderLearn's CMS report saving at least 30 minutes per day previously spent on content organization.


Content Sharing — Seamless: Teachers effortlessly share instructional materials with colleagues, eliminating the need for manual file transfers or email exchanges. Teachers efficiently collaborate on lesson plans, resources, and assessments. Teachers report an estimated time savings of at least 45 minutes per week on planning, content sharing and collaboration.


Resource Creation — Easy: With user-friendly tools and templates for creating and modifying resources, Teachers develop engaging and interactive materials, such as presentations, worksheets, and quizzes. Teachers using the CMS reported a reduction in resource creation time of approximately 25%, allowing more time for instructional planning and student support.


Content Reuse — Simplified: Teachers easily reuse and repurpose content across different classes, semesters and subjects. Educators quickly locate and adapt relevant materials, reducing lesson creation time. Teachers estimated time savings of 15-20 minutes per lesson when reusing content through BlenderLearn.


Classroom Planning — the One-stop Shop: Content, publisher resources, lesson templates, standards, curriculum frameworks, and pacing guides are all easily accessed. These time-saving benefits not only enhance Teachers' productivity, they allow for increased focus on instructional planning, personalized teaching, and individual student support.


If you are interested in learning more about how Blender can boost your teaching workflow and save teachers hours per week, schedule a demo.

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