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Chronic Absenteeism Hurting Your Students’ Outcomes? Fix It with BlenderLearn.

Updated: Feb 21

Since 2020, student attendance has been low and getting lower. In fact, it has reached a crisis level. However, good attendance is crucial for student success. Studies show that students who consistently miss school struggle both in school and in life. How to deal with this issue? By integrating BlenderLearn into your District.


BlenderLearn is a software solution that uses Whole Child Data to identify students at risk of becoming chronically absent. Analyzing academic performance, engagement levels, social-emotional wellness, health, and historical attendance patterns, you gain valuable insights and take proactive measures before absenteeism becomes chronic and receive interventions if it already has become so. A Pilot project for Dayton City Schools, OH, showed that this approach works. Here’s how:


Learner Profiles: BlenderLearn creates individualized profiles for each Student. Armed with detailed data on Students' strengths, weaknesses, and unique circumstances, tailored support strategies address the underlying reasons for absenteeism and flags students who are at-risk. BlenderLearn then provides you with actionable and effective interventions.


Learning and Content Management: Our advanced Content Management System delivers personalized content directly to the Student. By customizing the learning experience, BlenderLearn maximizes student engagement and motivation. In addition, gamification makes learning both rewarding and fun.


Communities: BlenderLearn's collaborative tool supports a team approach to addressing Chronic Absenteeism. Communities facilitate active communication and cooperation among all stakeholders, including Teachers, Parents, Administrators, and Students themselves.


BlenderLearn tailors specific actions for each Student. This personalized approach is key to the increase in Student Attendance, overall academic performance, and well-being. BlenderLearn makes sure your students show up and thrive.

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