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BlenderLearn Technology: A Great Use of Title I Funds

Updated: Mar 6

Tight school budgets, decreased salaries, and competition for funds - we know the challenge of finding the money for new technology. But here’s some good news: BlenderLearn aligns with the goals and requirements of Title I Funding. This is how BlenderLearn meets the Title 1 needs of your school:

  1. Support Disadvantaged Students. Title I funds are intended to support students from low-income families. BlenderLearn addresses the educational needs of these students and helps close the achievement gap.

  2. Aligned with Academic Standards. BlenderLearn aligns with state academic standards and contributes to the improvement of student achievement. It supports the educational goals set by the school or district.

  3. Use Evidence-Based Practices. Title I Funding is often directed towards programs and interventions that have evidence of effectiveness. BlenderLearn has been proven to be effective time and time again.

  4. Promote Professional Development. BlenderLearn includes a professional development component for teachers to effectively integrate the technology into their teaching practices. By doing so it aligns with the professional development goals supported by Title I funds.

  5. Advance Accessibility and Equity. Title I emphasizes providing equal educational opportunities.  BlenderLearn promotes accessibility and ensures that all students, regardless of their economic background, can benefit from the technology.


Have your district's Title I coordinator or the relevant department take a look at what BlenderLearn can do for you, or better yet, contact us to schedule a deeper dive!

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