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The Changemakers: Henry County Schools & SRG Technology

THE CHALLENGE: Henry County Schools saw its student body of 42,000 diversifying in a number of ways and was convinced the traditional “one-size-fits-all” method of teaching was no longer effective in reaching different types of learners. The students deserved a more personalized approach. After much discussion, the district was ready to embrace a “Big Vision” change and adopt a new methodology in teaching and learning – one that was designed to focus on each student individually and empower students to be critical decision-makers in their own education. After all, Henry County Schools motto is “Ensuring Success for Each Student.” And that is exactly what the district intends to do.


Henry County Schools heard of SRG Technology’s (SRGT) BlenderLearn suite of software applications that employ enhanced data collection and analysis to promote personalized teaching and learning in order to fuel a cycle of continuous improvement.

BlenderLearn supports a strategic, phased approach to implementation by allowing priority needs to be met first while building toward a broader vision. BlenderLearn provides individually relevant, data-driven dashboards and reports for a personalized experience and better decision-making.

Henry County Schools found that although BlenderLearn offered much of what it was looking for, the solution was missing some important components necessary to achieve the district’s vision. Early in 2015, the district worked directly with SRGT to co-design and create individual student plans and track personalized learning for each student.

By forming a forward-thinking partnership, Henry County Schools and SRGT successfully designed the Individual Learner Profiles (ILPs), an array of data sets compiled into a unique profile for each student. Because each stakeholder in the education process plays a valuable role in a student’s educational success, students and parents are encouraged to contribute to the student’s learner profile; take an active role in the student’s individual learning plan; and become part of the educational decision-making team.


By spring 2017, Henry County Schools was well on its way to reaching its goal of personalizing the learning experience for all its students. To date, the usage report data numbers continue to grow and feedback from Henry County Schools’ stakeholders is positive.

The process of transitioning to the ILPs has placed Henry County Schools at the epicenter of the emerging movement toward personalized learning in Georgia and the nation. SRGT and Henry County Schools have plans to continue the BlenderLearn partnership to progress on this excellence adventure.

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