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Boost Parent Involvement in SEL Programs with BlenderLearn

Updated: Feb 15

With the increase in student mental health problems post-pandemic, it is critical to find effective solutions, and fast. BlenderLearn bolsters Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) efforts in schools — in part by supporting collaboration among all stakeholders, including Parents.


Leveraging the power of the Whole Child approach to teaching and learning, BlenderLearn’s platform and tools help you gain deeper insights into the emotional well-being of your students and facilitate targeted interventions. By analyzing each student's data and connecting that data to actionable recommendations, BlenderLearn helps you identify effective strategies and interventions for each individual student.

One of the features of BlenderLearn is our collaborative tool, Blender Communities. With Blender Communities, we bring teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents together in a shared workspace. This inclusive approach creates a support network that empowers working together towards a common goal — the success and mental well-being of each student.

By including parents in the collaborative process, Blender Communities strengthen the home-school connection. Parents can actively participate in their child's education, stay updated on their progress, and gain valuable insights into their social and emotional development. This holistic approach helps establish a strong support system that promotes student success both academically and emotionally.

BlenderLearn is tailored specifically to the needs of school districts. Using cutting-edge technology, we have revolutionized school’s SEL efforts and created meaningful collaboration involving parents and other stakeholders. Click here to learn more.

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