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Blender Portlets

Blender Portlet Pages organize content by arranging it into "portlets" and charts, graphs, and data tables into "reportlets". Portlets and reportlets break a web page into smaller sections, which are a third, a half, or two-thirds the size of the overall page in much the same way as the pages of a magazine or newspaper are divided into columns and sections.

Portlets can be configured to display content based on the user’s ID, organizational roles, and attributes. Blender Organizational Homepages use portlets to convey information specific to an organization. User Dashboards in Blender use portlets to convey content specific to a user. Additional Blender Portlet Pages can be configured with portlets targeting content based on content attributes defined in the Blender Content library.

Portlets are multi-configurable and flexible. They can be used as an early warning system, deploy surveys, conduct pulse checks, send messages and more.

Blender Portlets-03-31.2
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