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TopCare Works.

Updated: Mar 6

Can technology help medical patients? Yes.

Several years ago BlenderHealth, our comprehensive wellness and prevention software was used as the platform to develop TopCare, a Population Health Management System. This was done in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital's Laboratory of Computer Science. We called the System TopCare powered by Blender. TopCare is a software solution that revolutionizes the way healthcare communities use data to drive results through improved patient outcomes, quality performance, and real cost savings.

​• Improve patient outcomes, streamlined workflows, quality performance, and real cost savings

• Target quality metrics through disease-specific patient rosters

• Real-time analytics and reporting

• Identify patients at risk for readmission, gaps in preventative care, and follow-up care

• Enable Care Team collaboration and patient care coordination

• Communicate securely with patients through mobile apps

Take a look at the comprehensive Presentation below. It tells the TopCare Story including the remarkable patient care results that were achieved.

TopCare Works
Download PDF • 3.10MB

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