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The BlenderPass Smart Wallet

We are thrilled to announce the successful development of our latest innovation, BlenderPass - the ultimate Smart Digital Wallet for seamless travel and secure document management!

What is BlenderPass? BlenderPass is a mobile app designed to simplify the process of carrying and managing digital credentials and documents. Traveling and conducting business has never been easier and worry-free with BlenderPass at your fingertips!

Built for Web 3.0: Embracing cutting-edge technology, BlenderPass harnesses the power of blockchain to ensure the highest level of data privacy, security, and audibility. Your information remains safe and certifiable, giving you the confidence to navigate new and evolving travel protocols effortlessly.

Stress-Free Travel: No more juggling various documents! BlenderPass takes the hassle out of travel by automatically alerting you about missing information, upcoming document expirations, and any changes in travel requirements. Stay ahead of the game with BlenderPass on your side!

Effortless Calendar Integration: BlenderPass automatically populates your calendar and travel itinerary, so you can focus on enjoying your journey without worrying about missing essential details.

Secure Data Sharing: With complete control over your data, BlenderPass allows you to share information efficiently and securely via visual display on your phone, a wallet-generated QR Code, or through encrypted messaging.

We are proud to combine IBM's advanced digital wallet technology with our unique engagement and personalization capabilities to bring you BlenderPass - the ultimate solution for today's dynamic travel landscape.

Join us on this incredible journey as we redefine how you travel and manage your credentials. Download BlenderPass now and experience travel convenience like never before!

BlenderPass Smart Wallet
Download PDF • 102KB

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