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Partnering with Palm Beach County

The School District of Palm Beach County wanted to enhance their existing teacher lesson planning resource tool with a comprehensive, easy-to-use Instructional Content Management System. The district’s goal was to migrate its entire learning object repository of approximately 50,000 pieces of digital content — courses, units, lesson plans, and learning object resources — to a modern, robust platform capable of providing teachers and administrators with enhanced functionality for a secure, single point of access to instructional resources.

In the summer of 2015, SRG Technology (SRGT) efficiently transitioned The School District of Palm Beach County to BlenderLearnTM Instructional Content Management System (ICMS), and efficiently kicked off the next generation of content management for personalized teaching and learning. SRGT was able to integrate all digital content and learning assets into the BlenderLearn application. By delivering training resources, such as videos and instructional guides, to the entire district staff, minimal face-to-face trainings were required. The transition was seamless and the staff felt well prepared for the start of school in August. After the initial launch of the ICMS platform, the initial user feedback to The District was overwhelmingly positive.

BlenderLearn enables the creation and sharing of resources that support classroom instruction and deliver high quality technology- enabled curriculum with integrated content, instructional methods, and high-resolution data seamlessly. This allows the content to be meta-tagged and delivered in any format and on any platform. BlenderLearn also delivers highly configurable dashboards to manage access, distribution, and exchange of the digital curriculum catalog and workspaces to allow collaboration and sharing of best practices among teachers, curriculum staff and administrators.

The solution to provide continued service for content curation, preservation, and data integration included five key objectives:

  1. Leverage existing digital teaching and learning resources for continued content curation and preservation

  2. Provide teacher licenses to the digital content library in BlenderLearn.

  3. Configure BlenderLearn workspaces for teachers to collect, vet, process, and edit content – both individually and collaboratively

  4. Allow the extraction of data and content resources for the transfer to other platforms

  5. Manage implementation with an experienced and trained team of developers and education consultants.

CLICK HERE to watch a video from The School District of Palm Beach County about their transition to BlenderLearn.

Less than one month into the 2015-2016 school year, the usage report data from The School District of Palm Beach County provided the tell-tale sign of success.

The district curriculum staff continues to create and develop courses, lessons plans, and instructional resources within the BlenderLearn platform. The original project goals of a seamless transition, delivery of an organized and intuitive design for easy navigation, and ample training resources and support to ensure user confidence had been achieved. To date, the usage report data numbers continue to grow and feedback remains very positive. The process of transitioning to BlenderLearn has helped the district become more effective in their review and utilization of content and moved them forward in their effort to usher in an era of personalized teaching and learning. BlenderLearn allows the district to seamlessly add functionality and additional resources going forward.

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