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Blender in the Time of COVID

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely upended education in the United States. Disruption of District operations starting as far back as February 2020 created erratic remote schedules, and a frenetic scramble since March to find adequate content and tools for what has become a nationwide move to “Virtual Learning.”

In order to make Virtual Learning work, Districts need to provide a continuous learning experience - one that upholds as many of the best practices of Districts and Teachers as can be achieved in a remote learning configuration. This necessitates access to content, robust tools, unifying events and practices, and continual engagement. Here is how Blender can help.

  1. The BlenderLearn Content Management System provides easy access to well-organized curriculum and resources for teachers in all subject areas and grade levels.

  2. Blender Learner Profiles are available to help build the missing Connection for Teachers, Students and their Parents. The Learner Profile provides a tool to consolidate and make available in one place all of the information that a District or Teacher needs to guide and track the activity of students. It encourages collaboration among Teachers, Students and Parents.

  3. Blender Communities provide a unique construct and workspace within Blender for Collaboration and Engagement. They allow for a unique pairing and alignment of Instructional Content with functions such as Forums, Professional Development, Content Management and Social Interaction. They are generally member-based and span all subject and interest areas. They are used extensively for Professional Learning for teachers.

BlenderLearn Covid-12-16-2020
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