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Meeting Customer Challenges

See how Blender has risen to the challenge and helped our customers meet their diverse and meaningful goals with customized software solutions.

In Hamilton County, BlenderLearn has helped to reduce dropout rates, increase student engagement through personalization, and accelerate learning.

For the Iowa Department of Health, Blender created a new educational portal for families to gather more information about parenting, create communities, and track growth.

Our partnership with Palm Beach County proves that scale is no challenge. We were able create a searchable repository with over 50,000 different resources, and integrate 11,000 teachers onto and new and improved system.

With the help of BlenderLearn, Henry County was able to restructure their educational practices to encourage student agency, personalize learning, and provide more one-on-one instruction. This shift played a pivotal role on district-wide improvements and achievement.

Schedule a demo with us today and see what Blender can do for you!

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